§ 32.21  SICK PAY.
   (A)   All full-time city employees whose rate of pay is on a monthly basis shall earn sick leave at regular pay at the rate of one-half day for each calender month of service. Sick leave shall begin to accrue upon the successful completion of the six-month probationary period.
   (B)   Sick leave may never be taken in advance of earning the time. Sick leave may be accumulated up to six days in one calendar year. Each year shall begin a new series of accrual, and the previous years accumulated days shall be taken off the sick leave record with no compensation.
   (C)   An employee may be eligible for sick leave for the following reasons:
      (1)   Personal illness or physical incapacity; or
      (2)   Quarantine of an employee by a physician.
   (D)   An employee who is unable to report for work because of one of the above reasons shall report the reason for his or her absence to the City Administrator, City Clerk, or Mayor within four hours from the time he or she is expected to report for work. Sick leave with pay in excess of two working days shall be allowed only after presenting a written statement by a physician certifying that the employee’s condition prevented the employee from appearing for work.
   (E)   An employee terminating from city service shall not be allowed the use of sick leave in the last two calendar weeks of employment. Unused sick leave will not be compensated for in any way at the time of resignation or dismissal of an employee.
   (F)   Abuse of sick leave privilege can result in dismissal.
   (G)   As required by 42 U.S.C. § 2000e(k), pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions shall be treated the same as any other illness or short-term disability.
   (H)   Sick leave is provided as an aid to salaried employees and should be used only when there is a real need. Each employee should make every effort to establish steady work habits.
(Res. 91-006, passed 11-19-1991)