(A)   All flowers and plants must be contained in plant holders, elevated at least 18 inches from the ground.
   (B)   One plant stand is permitted per burial lot.
   (C)   In Second Addition lots only, plant holders must be integrated into the marker.
   (D)   The city is not responsible for the maintenance and care of plants and plant stands.
   (E)   The city will make water available to for care of flowers and plants from May 1 to October 31, depending on weather.
   (F)   The city is not responsible for stolen plants or plant stands.
   (G)   Plant stands that are vacant for more than one year are subject to removal.
   (H)   Wreaths are permitted from November through April and must be mounted on plant stands.
   (I)   Artificial flowers may be placed in approved plant stands and must be securely fastened so that they will not fall or be blown from the container.
   (J)   No artificial flowers, flags or decorations of similar nature shall be placed upon or attached to any grassy area, any tree or shrub, or any monument or marker.
   (K)   For Memorial Day, flowers may be placed on gravesites one week prior to Memorial Day and must be removed by June 15.
   (L)   The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, glass, wood or iron cases, and similar articles upon lots shall not be permitted; if such items are placed, the city may remove them.
   (M)   No trees, shrubs or permanent plantings shall be planted on any lot by any person or persons without the express approval of the city. Existing trees, shrubs or permanent plantings may be removed by the city if:
      (1)   Deemed in the best interest of the city;
      (2)   Infringing on abutting lots; or
      (3)   Inconvenient to the care and maintenance of the cemetery premises.
   (N)   No person shall do any grading causing the surface of the ground to be raised above the existing height of the surrounding area.
   (O)   No person shall discharge any chemical or organic fertilizer, herbicide or other substance on any lot without prior authorization from the city.
   (P)   No curbs , fences or other similar barriers shall be permitted around any individual or group of lots without prior written authorization from the city.
   (Q)   All objects not described above, including balloons, banners, food and beverages, knick knacks, solar lights and lanterns, stuffed animals, wind chimes, windmills, windsocks, and statuary not incorporated into a monument, are prohibited and may be subject to immediate removal.
   (R)   The first five working days in May have been designated for cemetery cleanup. During this time, any or all flowers may be removed from grave sites. The city’s intention is to clean up the cemetery for the coming summer and dispose of all artificial plants that may be unsightly (due to fading or wear) or falling apart. Removal of plants is at the city’s discretion. If lot owners/licensees have something in particular they want saved, lot owners should remove the items prior to this time and replace them afterwards.
   (S)   All flowers and plants must be removed after the first frost.
   (T)   The city reserves the right to remove all monuments, markers, flowers, plants, trees, decorations or other similar things without liability to the owner/licensee, whenever any of these objects become unsafe or are deemed to be unauthorized.
(Ord. 94, passed 11-20-14) Penalty, see § 97.99