(A)   No person may discharge any firearm within the cemetery grounds without written permission of the city. This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at burial services conducted by recognized military organizations or associations of the United States of America.
   (B)   No person may remove any object from any place in the cemetery or make any excavation without the written permission of the city.
   (C)   No person shall injure, deface or destroy any monument, stone, structure, grave, fence, flower, tree or other thing within the cemetery.
   (D)   No person may drive any vehicle at a speed exceeding five miles per hour.
   (E)   No ATVs, snowmobiles or go-carts are allowed within the boundaries of the cemetery.
   (F)   No person may disturb the quiet of the cemetery by noise or improper conduct of any kind.
   (G)   No motorized vehicles may enter or leave the cemetery except at the entrances provided.
   (H)   No person shall be allowed in the cemetery between 10:00 p.m. and sunrise.
   (I)   Children shall not be permitted to engage in playing within cemetery grounds. Children under ten years of age shall not be admitted to the grounds unless accompanied by an adult, who shall be responsible for their conduct while therein.
   (J)    No pets are allowed on cemetery grounds.
   (K)   No tobacco use or alcohol is allowed other than in connection with a religious service.
   (L)   No advertising or solicitation of any kind is allowed on cemetery premises.
(Ord. 94, passed 11-20-14) Penalty, see § 97.99