(A)   When a lot has been sold or conveyed for burial purposes, the lot is then inalienable, except as provided herein:
      (1)   The original purchaser of the lot/licensee may sell or convey any part of the lot to the city that is not actually occupied by interments.
      (2)   A person who has inherited the lot may sell or convey any part of it to the city that is not actually occupied by interments.
      (3)   When, by the consent of the owner/licensee, the lot will be solely used by some other person as a family burial place, the owner/licensee may convey it to the person so using it.
         (a)   There must be filed with the city a copy of an agreement of sale, signed and acknowledged by the owner/licensee (and spouse, if any) and the proposed purchaser, transferring ownership to the city and requesting that the city issue a new license agreement to the purchaser, in consideration of the payment by the purchaser to the owner/licensee of a specified price, which must not be more than the license fee that would be charged by the city for a similar lot or space.
         (b)   Upon filing the agreement, a reasonable transfer and service charge of not more than $15 must be paid to the city, and the city shall then promptly issue a license agreement to the designated licensee.
   (B)   Lot owners/licensees shall not allow interments in their lots in return for remuneration of any kind.
(Ord. 94, passed 11-20-14) Penalty, see § 97.99