The following provisions of this chapter shall not apply in the following circumstances:
   (A)   Unless specified herein, the provisions of this chapter shall not apply to animals used or confined to hospitals, clinics or businesses operated by licensed veterinarians.
   (B)   Relating to vaccination requirements, § 92.05 shall not apply to any animal belonging to a nonresident of the city and kept within the city not longer than 30 days, provided that all animals kept in the city shall at all times be properly restrained while in the city.
   (C)   Relating to dangerous animals and potentially dangerous animals, § 92.12 shall not apply to police dogs under the control of a licensed peace officer during the performance of authorized police activities.
   (D)   Section 92.08(B) shall not apply to raptors possessed by licensed falconers holding valid state and federal falconry permits, so long as the conditions of the permits are satisfied.
(`87 Code, § 508.04) (Am. Ord. 11-06-01, passed 6-16-11)