Because of the rapid proliferation of such businesses in the city and the observed congestion, late hours, potential for being an attractive nuisance to minors and the questioned legality of such activities, the City Council hereby finds that a further proliferation and concentration of such businesses constitutes a nuisance to the health, safety and welfare of the city. Accordingly, subsequent to the passage of this subchapter, no license will be issued for any such establishment unless such is at least 300 feet in a direct line from any of its public entrances to the nearest property line of a church, residence, school or another business entity operating under a license issued under this subchapter. Any businesses existing as of the time of the passage of this subchapter shall be permitted to continue, however, if they should cease operations, or violate any of the provisions of this subchapter or any other applicable city, state or federal law, their license shall be subject to revocation and such may not be renewed unless they meet all provisions of any applicable law including the above spacing requirements.
(Ord. 704-1, passed 7-12-2004)  Penalty, see § 115.99