The Village Board elects to neither establish a board of police and fire commissioners pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 62.13(1) nor a citizen's committee under Wis. Stats. § 61.65(1)(am)1. In the event charges are filed against a non-probationary police officer in the Village of Linden in accordance with the provisions of Wis. Stats. § 62.13(5), the Village Board shall, within three business days of receipt of such charges, pursuant to the provisions of Wis. Stats. § 61.65(1)(am)2., appoint a person who is not an elected or appointed official of the village and who is not employed by the village to act in place of such board or committee under Wis. Stats. § 62.13(5). Said individual shall have all the powers and duties of the board under Wis. Stats. § 62.13(5) and shall be compensated at a rate to be established by the Village Board from time to time. Pending appointment of an examiner under this section on an as needed basis, charges against subordinate police officers shall be filed with the Chief of Police and charges against the Chief of Police shall be filed with the Village President. All probationary officers are subject to removal by the Village Board at its pleasure.
(Ord. 2015-52, passed 7-2-15)