(A)   Applicability. The provisions for this district shall apply to all floodplains mapped as A, AO or AH zones.
   (B)   Permitted uses.
      (1)   Pursuant to division (D) of this section, it shall be determined whether the proposed use is located within the floodway or floodfringe.
      (2)   Those uses permitted in the Floodway (§ 155.03(B)) and Floodfringe (§ 155.04(B)) Districts are allowed within the General Floodplain District, according to the standards of division (C) of this section, provided that all permits or certificates required under § 155.07 have been issued.
   (C)   Standards for development in the General Floodplain District. Section 155.03 applies to floodway areas; Section 155.04 applies to floodfringe areas. The rest of this chapter applies to either district.
      (1)   In AO/AH zones the structure’s lowest floor must meet one of the conditions listed below whichever is higher:
         (a)   At or above the flood protection elevation; or
         (b)   Two feet above the highest adjacent grade around the structure; or
         (c)   The depth as shown on the FIRM.
      (2)   In AO/AH zones, provide plans showing adequate drainage paths to guide floodwaters around structures.
   (D)   Determining floodway and floodfringe limits. Upon receiving an application for development within the General Floodplain District, the Zoning Administrator shall:
      (1)   Require the applicant to submit two copies of an aerial photograph or a plan which shows the proposed development with respect to the General Floodplain District limits, stream channel, and existing floodplain developments, along with a legal description of the property, fill limits and elevations, building floor elevations and flood proofing measures; and the flood zone as shown on the FIRM.
      (2)   Require the applicant to furnish any of the following information deemed necessary by the Department to evaluate the effects of the proposal upon flood height and flood flows, regional flood elevation and to determine floodway boundaries.
         (a)   A hydrologic and hydraulic study as specified in § 155.07(B)(2)(c).
         (b)   Plan (surface view) showing elevations or contours of the ground; pertinent structure, fill or storage elevations; size, location and layout of all proposed and existing structures on the site; location and elevations of streets, water supply, and sanitary facilities; soil types and other pertinent information;
         (c)   Specifications for building construction and materials, floodproofing, filling, dredging, channel improvement, storage, water supply and sanitary facilities.
(Ord. 2015-54, passed 11-5-15)