§ 110.03 LICENSE FEES.
   (A)   There shall be the following classes and denominations of licenses which, when issued by the Village Clerk-Treasurer under the authority of the Village Board after payment of the fee hereinafter specified, shall permit the holder to sell, deal, or traffic in alcoholic beverages as provided in the Wisconsin Statutes.
   (B)   These license classes are as follows:
      (1)   Class “A” fermented malt beverage retailer’s license: $50 per year;
      (2)   Class “B” fermented malt beverage retailer's license: $100 per year. A temporary class “B” (Picnic) beer or wine license issued pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 125.26(6) shall be issued for a fee of $5. No license issued pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 125.26(6) shall be for more than eight days;
      (3)   “Class A” liquor license: $175 per year;
      (4)   “Class B” liquor license: $350 per year;
      (5)   Reserve “Class B” liquor license: Initial issuance fee of $10,000 plus annual “Class B” liquor license fee of $350. The minimum $10,000 initial issuance fee is a onetime fee;
      (6)   “Class C” wine license: $50 per year;
      (7)   Provisional Class “A” beer, “Class A” liquor, Class “B” beer and “Class B” liquor: $15 per year (Note: A provisional license expires 60 days after its issuance or when the retail license applied for is issued, whichever is sooner);
      (8)   Six-month licenses: One-half of the annual fee for “Class A” liquor or “Class B” liquor and Class “B” beer;
      (9)   Beverage Operator's license (Bartender’s license): $30 for a two-year license from July 1- June 30 of even years; no fractional part thereof will be given; and
      (10)   Temporary Operator's license: $5, valid for any period from one to 14 days and can only be licenses to persons employed by or donating their services to nonprofit corporations.
(`99 Code, § 5.01) (Am. Ord. 110-04, passed 6-3-04)