The deliberations of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with the parliamentary rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, which is hereby incorporated in this code by reference. No person other than a member shall address the Board except by invitation of a Trustee. No ordinance, resolution, or other motion shall be discussed or acted upon unless it has been seconded. No motion shall be withdrawn or amended without the consent of the person making the same and the person seconding it. All motions shall be stated by the presiding officer or read by the Clerk-Treasurer before a vote thereon. Every Trustee including the President shall vote. Ordinances, resolutions, and all substantial appropriations, as determined by the Village Board, shall be determined by roll call vote. All other matters may be determined by a simple voice vote. However, any Trustee may request and receive a roll call vote for any matter.
(`99 Code, § 1.05)