TITLE TWO - Business Regulation
   Chap. 802.  Licensing in General.
   Chap. 804.  Auctions and Auctioneers.
   Chap. 806.  Automobile Washracks.
   Chap. 808.  Adult Cabarets.
   Chap. 809.  Billboards.
   Chap. 810.  Carnivals, Circuses and Exhibitions.
   Chap. 812.  Charitable Solicitations.
   Chap. 814.  Christmas Tree Sales.
   Chap. 818.  Drive-In Restaurants.
   Chap. 820.  Dry Cleaning Establishments.
   Chap. 822.  Establishments Serving Alcoholic Beverages.
   Chap. 824.  Food Establishments.
   Chap. 828.  Gaming Establishments.
   Chap. 830.  Garage, Yard, Basement and Rummage Sales.
   Chap. 832.  Garbage and Rubbish Collectors.
   Chap. 834.  Donation Bins.
   Chap. 836.  Hawkers and Peddlers.
   Chap. 840.  Itinerant Vendors.
   Chap. 842.  Junk Dealers.
   Chap. 844.  Kiddie Lands and Kiddie Rides.
   Chap. 848.  Massage Parlors.
   Chap. 850.  Mechanical Amusement Device Arcades.
   Chap. 852.  Mechanical Amusement Devices.
   Chap. 853.  Medical Marihuana License.
   Chap. 854.  Milk and Ice Vending Machines.
   Chap. 856.  Motorcycle Sales and Rental Agencies.
   Chap. 858.  Nonalcoholic Beverage Sales.
   Chap. 862.  Pawnbrokers.
   Chap. 864.  Precious Metal and Gem Dealers.
   Chap. 866.  Registration of Businesses, Trades and Industries.
   Chap. 868.  Restaurants.
   Chap. 870.  Secondhand Dealers.
   Chap. 872.  Sidewalk Sales.
   Chap. 874.  Snow Removal.
   Chap. 876.  Solicitors and Canvassers.
   Chap. 878.  Special Events.
   Chap. 880.  Tattoo Parlors.
   Chap. 882.  Taxicabs and Motor Vehicles for Hire.
   Chap. 886.  Used Auto Parts Businesses.
   Chap. 888.  Used Automobile Dealers.