The Board of Adjustment may grant a special permit for a restricted parking lot in a Class II or Class III Residential District under certain conditions, as provided in this section.
   (A)   The Board's approval of a restricted parking lot must be based on a finding that:
      (1)   The parcel of property to be used is located adjacent to an Office District or Class I Business District or is separated therefrom by a distance of not more than fifty feet.
      (2)   The parking lot is for use in connection with offices, banks, financial institutions, medical and dental clinics, day nurseries, health studios and nursing homes located in the adjacent Office District or Class I Business District and is to be used solely for the parking of passenger vehicles, and no fee is to be charged therefor.
      (3)   The parking lot is not to be used for repair work or vehicle servicing or loading of any kind.
      (4)   The parking area itself is not closer to any street line in the Residential District than the least yard requirement as required in the district in which such parking area is located.
      (5)   The off-street parking area is effectively screened, on any side which adjoins or faces any lot situated in a Residential District, by a solid fence of acceptable design, a masonry wall or a compact evergreen hedge which fence, wall or hedge is not less than four feet in height.
      (6)   No sign of any kind is to be maintained on the lot other than a sign, not larger than four square feet, which designates exits, entrances and conditions to use.
      (7)   Any lighting used to illuminate an off-street parking area is so located and oriented as to reflect the light away from any adjoining property in a Residential District.
      (8)   The open off-street parking area is:
         (a)   Graded and provided with a hard surface of bituminous or Portland cement concrete; and
         (b)   Provided with adequate drainage facilities, as approved by the City Engineer.
(Ord. 108-70. Passed 5-25-70.)
      (9)   Subparagraphs (1) and (2) hereof shall not apply to any parking lot for use by a hospital. (Ord. 150-74. Passed 6-17-74.)
   (B)   The application for a special permit for a restricted parking lot shall be processed and heard in the manner provided in Section 1244.05. In addition, such application shall contain the following information:
      (1)   A site plan, drawn to such scale as to show clearly the dimensions of the property involved according to the recorded plat of such property, the location of all vehicular entrances and exits, the location of all off-street parking areas and the number of spaces provided therein;
      (2)   If illumination for night use is proposed, a statement as to the type of exterior lights and the location of such lights, clearly marked on the site plan; and
      (3)   A statement as to the nature and type of screening and landscaping which is to be provided and a description of its location.
   (C)   Any permit granted by the Board may be revoked at any time that the requirements provided in this section are not complied with. If parking rights are revoked by the Board for noncompliance with the requirements established by this section or established by the Board, the lot or area shall no longer be used for such parking. (Ord. 108-70. Passed 5-25-70.)