(A)   Every applicant shall provide for stormwater management as required by this Chapter, unless a written request is filed to waive this requirement. Requests to waive the storm water management plan shall be submitted to the City Engineer for approval.
   (B)   The minimum requirements for stormwater management may be waived in whole or in part upon written request of the applicant, provided that at least one of the following conditions apply:
      (1)   It can be demonstrated that the proposed development is not likely to impair attainment of the purposed of this Chapter.
      (2)   Alternative minimum requirements have been established in a stormwater management plan that has been approved by the City Engineer and the implementation of the plan is required by local ordinance.
      (3)   Provisions are made to manage stormwater by an off-site facility as specified in Section 1066.21.
      (4)   The City Engineer finds that meeting the minimum on-site management requirements is not feasible due to the natural or existing physical characteristics of the site.
(Ord. 91-06. Passed 3-27-06, Ord. 80-14. Passed 3-24-14)