1066.14   INSPECTIONS.
   (A)   Authorized representatives of the City Engineer may enter at reasonable times upon any property to conduct on-site inspections. Such inspections may take place before, during and after any Land Disturbance activity for which a permit has been issued.
   (B)   If upon inspection, existing site conditions are found not to be as stated in the permit or approved Soil Erosion and Stormwater Runoff Control Plan, the permit will be invalid. No earth disrupting work shall be undertaken, or continued, until revised plans have been submitted and a valid permit issued.
   (C)   Requests for revisions must be submitted to and approved by the City Engineer in writing before being effective unless approved by the field inspector on the site. If approved, a revised site plan shall be submitted for review and approval.
   (D)   Contractor shall notify the City at least two working days before the following:
      (1)   Installation of sediment and erosion control measures
      (2)   Start of construction
      (3)   Completion of site clearing
      (4)   Completion of final grading
      (5)   Close of the construction season
      (6)   Completion of final landscaping
   Representatives of the City Engineer may conduct on-site inspections after these notifications to assure compliance of site conditions with the Soil Erosion and Stormwater Runoff Control Plan.
   (E)   The person(s) or organization(s) responsible for maintenance as specified in 1066.11 B will complete inspection reports weekly and 24 hours after a rain event of 0.5 inches or greater. They will make these inspection reports available to the City upon request of the City Engineer or his authorized representatives.
(Ord. 91-06. Passed 3-27-06, Ord. 80-14. Passed 3-24-14)