(A)   Performance Guarantees
      (1)   Applicants proposing subdivision plats, road construction projects, or other developments identified by the City Engineer with a high potential for soil erosion shall be required to post a cash escrow, letter of credit, or other acceptable form of performance security in an amount determined by the City Engineer.
      (2)   Letters of credit, if used as a performance guarantee, shall extend for a minimum of one year with the option of renewal. Letters of credit will be returned to the applicant when the site is certified by the licensed professional who designed the site plan and the site is completely stabilized to meet requirements set forth by the City Engineer.
   (B)   Construction Certification by Registered Professional
      For any sites that required a professional site plan, a certification letter shall be submitted after soil erosion and stormwater runoff control facilities have been installed to affirm that construction has been completed in accordance with the approved soil erosion and stormwater runoff control plan. This certification letter can be prepared by one of the following registered professionals: civil engineer, land surveyor, architect, and/or landscape architect unless it was specified by the City Engineer that a civil engineer prepare a plan, it would need to be a civil engineer that approves the plan.
      If there are changes during the course of construction, the City Engineer may require final "as built" drawings for final approval of the site work.
   (C)    Certificate of Compliance
      Upon receipt and approval of the certification letter, the City Engineer shall issue a certificate of compliance to the property owner.
(Ord. 91-06. Passed 3-27-06, Ord. 80-14. Passed 3-24- 14)