(A)   The City Engineer shall approve or disapprove soil erosion and stormwater runoff control permit applications and plans in accordance with published guidelines.
   (B)   All Land Disturbance Activities subject to review under the requirements of this Chapter shall be designed, constructed, and maintained to provide for the detention of flood waters and to protect water quality.
   (C)   Measures required for soil erosion and stormwater runoff control shall take into consideration natural features, proximity of the site to lakes, streams, and protected wetlands, extent of impervious surfaces, potential for soil erosion and flooding, and the size of the site.
   (D)   Stormwater conveyance, storage, and infiltration facilities shall be designed to provide for non-erosive velocities of stormwater runoff.
   (E)   Alterations to natural drainage patterns shall not create downstream flooding or sedimentation.
   (F)   Plan must specify that areas within 50' of a waterway must be stabilized (seeded) within 2 days and all disturbed areas that lie dormant for over 14 days be stabilized (seeded) within 7 days of the date the area becomes inactive and that all disturbed areas that will lie dormant over the winter be stabilized (seeded) prior to the onset of winter. In addition, the plan must specify that if seeding is inappropriate due to it being too late in the year for vegetation to establish (November 1st through February 29th) mulching of the bare areas must be conducted on an as needed basis. The plans may specify alternative stabilization practices in lieu of mulching, however these alternative practices must be approved by the City Engineer or Stormwater Manager.
(Ord. 91-06. Passed 3-27-06, Ord. 80-14. Passed 3-24-14)