(A)   Ordinance Violations Bureau created. There shall be created an Ordinance Violations Bureau for the city, and the Clerk-Treasurer shall serve as the Violations Clerk of the Bureau.
   (B)   Duty of Violations Clerk. The Violations Clerk shall accept written appearances, waivers of trial, admissions of violations and payments of civil penalties up to the specified dollar amounts set forth herein.
   (C)   Definition of second offense. A SECOND OFFENSE shall consist of a violation of an ordinance within 365 days of a prior violation of the same ordinance.
   (D)   Definition of a third offense. A THIRD OFFENSE shall mean a violation of an ordinance within 365 days of the commission of a "second offense" as defined herein.
   (E)   Schedule of ordinances subject to admission of violation. Copies of the provisions adopted by reference in § 36.02 below are the ordinances of the city, which shall be subject to admission of violation before the Violations Clerk in the amount specified.
(Ord. 734, passed 3-24-2008)