All golf carts to be operated on the public streets and alleys shall be registered with the city and the owner thereof shall pay an annual registration fee. All registrations expire December 31 of each year. The registration forms are available in the Office of the Ligonier City Police and the registration fee shall be paid to the Police Clerk through the Office of the Ligonier City Police. Upon the effective date of this chapter, the registration fee shall be $25 annually. At the time of registration, the owner shall present proof of insurance insuring property damage and personal liability coverage for injury or damage property of others and of personal injury to other persons. Prior to the issuance of the registration by the City Police Clerk, the golf cart shall be inspected by the Police Chief, or his designee, to ensure compliance with the terms of this chapter. All provisions of this chapter apply to owner operated golf carts as well as those leased or rented from a vendor.
(Ord. 903-2017, passed 6-26-2017)