§ 34.71  OBJECTIVES.
   The city finds that its interrelated and often overlapping objectives as related to an internal control system are as follows:
   (A)   Operations objectives which involve the ways governmental services are performed and the performance of those providing governmental services including by way of example budgeting, purchasing, permitting, cash management and planning among others.
   (B)   Reporting objectives which involve the filing of financial and non- financial information to those inside the government and those outside of the government including by way of example filing the annual report, audit and examination cooperation, filing uniform conflict of interest forms and the other filings with any governmental agency or official or information required to be kept such as an OSHA log and responding to a public records request among others.
   (C)   Compliance objectives involve the adherence to law and regulations including by way of example following guidance documents such as the State Board of Accounts' manuals, bulletins, directives and the Department of Local Government Finance's forms and directions and including other outside of government trainings and documents such as IACT among others.
(Ord. 895-2016, passed 11-14-2016)