(A)   There is hereby created a new executive department, which shall be known as the Ligonier Parks.
   (B)   The city Board of Works is hereby designated as the Park Authority, and charged with the management of all city parks, including approaches (I.C. 36-10-5-2(b)(2)(C));
   (C)   The Board of Works, as the Park Authority, may adopt rules concerning the laying out, improvement, preservation, ornamentation, and management of the parks;
   (D)   The executive of the city shall appoint a person to serve as the Director of the Ligonier Parks, and said Director shall have discretion to hire employees to carry out the day to day functions of managing and maintaining the parks and recreation facilities of the city, subject to the approval of the Park Authority;
   (E)   The Director of the Ligonier Parks shall report regularly to the Park Authority when it meets as the Board of Works;
   (F)   All books, papers, documents, and other property of the former Board of Parks and Recreation shall be transferred to the city and owned, held, and maintained as all other municipally owned property, subject to the governance of the Park Authority; and
   (G)   All employees of the former Department of Parks and Recreation, except for the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation, shall become employees of the newly created executive department known as Ligonier Parks, and subject to the governing authority of the Park Authority.
(Ord. 931-2019, passed 6-17-2019)