(A)   Any person desiring to organize, operate or maintain a yard or garage sale in any residential area as hereinabove related, shall make application at the office of the Clerk-Treasurer for a permit for the operation and maintenance of the sale and shall state, in detail, the full name and address of the persons, firm or group who shall operate the same, the address thereof, the term or duration thereof the sale, a general description of the items and articles offered for sale and other information and data as may be pertinent thereto.
   (B)   One copy of each application shall be forwarded, forthwith, to the Chief of Police of the Police Department or to the officer who may be delegated by the Chief to receive the applications.
   (C)   It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Chief or the officer to investigate the parking, traffic flow and similar or other health and safety aspects of the proposed yard or garage sale, and to make reasonable recommendations or orders as are in the best interests of the public safety of the citizens and the peace and dignity of the residential area, and to approve, disapprove or approve as modified the application, all of which investigation and activity shall be done and accomplished within 48 hours of the receipt of the application.
   (D)   The fee for the application shall be the sum of $5, which sums shall be paid to the Clerk-Treasurer upon submission of the application.
(1998 Code, § 4-33)  (Ord. 506, passed 6-10-1991)