Any hawker shall first make application to the City Clerk-Treasurer at least 30 days prior to the time during which the sale or solicitation shall be made or procured. The application for permit, which must be filed with the City Clerk-Treasurer, as aforesaid, shall contain the names and addresses of each person who shall be upon the streets and ways of the city. The application for permit shall be accompanied by the sum of $100 to be deposited with and held by the City Clerk-Treasurer. The earnest money deposited shall be returned 30 days after any permit granted shall have expired and the last day that the hawker shall have left the limits of the city, less any damages sustained by the city or any citizen thereof. Should any citizen of the city register protest to the Mayor, Common Council or City Clerk-Treasurer concerning the hawker, the hawker shall be notified and the $100 retained until the dispute is settled. The City Clerk-Treasurer shall further cause to be made an investigation of the persons, companies and associations represented by such Hawker so that the welfare of the citizens of the city might be protected. The City Clerk-Treasurer shall refuse to issue the permits to any hawkers or group of hawkers which are not registered with accredited organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the like. The application shall further be accompanied by the sum of $5 per person to be so occupied within the city for each day the hawker shall operate within the city as a set fee. Upon expiration of the 30-day application period, the City Clerk-Treasurer shall issue to the hawker a permit designating the specific days during which they have the privilege of soliciting or selling. The permit shall clearly state the business, avocation, permission granted to the hawker, and the length of time for which he or she shall have paid to solicit in the city.
(1998 Code, § 4-22)