General Provisions
   96.01   Definitions
   96.02   [Reserved]
   96.03   Tethering/chaining of dogs prohibited
   96.04   Permits for wild animals
   96.05   Permits for livestock and fowl
   96.06   Right to appeal
   96.07   Confinement and running at large
   96.08   Animals creating a nuisance
   96.09   Prohibition of certain animals
   96.10   Vicious and dangerous animals
Rabies; Impoundment; Care and Protection; Administration
   96.25   Administrator to cooperate in vaccination programs
   96.26   Quarantine of animals suspected of having rabies
   96.27   Disposition of rabid animals
   96.28   Impoundment; notice to owner
   96.29   Release to owners; adoption; destruction
   96.30   Care required
   96.31   Cruelty to animals
   96.32   Responsibility of person injuring animal
   96.33   Luring, enticing, seizing, molesting or teasing an animal
   96.34   Interference with Administrator
   96.35   Duties and responsibilities of Animal Control Officer
   96.36   Enforcement; administration
   96.99   Penalty