(A)   The city commission shall have absolute and exclusive power to determine and limit the number of police officers and members to comprise the police force, to reduce the number of the police force at any time, and to divide the police membership into two (2) lists: (Ord. 1582, 5-7-1990; amd. Ord. 1664, 1-3-2000)
      1.   One, an active list, who are to be actually employed and receive pay while so employed; and
      2.   One, an eligible list, who shall not receive pay while not actually employed as an officer or member.
   (B)   Officers or members of the active list temporarily relieved from duty shall become members of the eligible list without pay and shall be first entitled to reinstatement on the active list in case of vacancy, according to their seniority in the service, and all others on the eligible list shall be entitled to fill a vacancy in the order of their appointment. (Ord. 1582, 5-7-1990)
   (C)   Such action of the city commission shall not be subject to review by any court. (Ord. 1582, 5-7-1990; amd. Ord. 1664, 1-3-2000)
   (D)   In no event shall there be any officers or members placed on the eligible list, except in case of temporary reduction of the police force, when the number already on the eligible list shall equal in number twenty percent (20%) of the active list. (Ord. 1582, 5-7-1990)