Municipal Court
171.01    Court created; jurisdiction generally.
171.02    Warrants, orders and process.
171.03    Rules governing court and judges; maintenance of records.
171.04    Record of traffic cases; Traffic Violations Bureau.
171.05    Appeals.
171.06    Contempt.
171.07    Bail bonds and cash deposits.
171.08    Fines and costs when defendants unable to pay.
171.09    Court costs.
      Establishment - see W. Va. Code 8-10-2
      General rights of appeal - see W. Va. Code 8-34-1
      Costs for crime victims reparation fund - see W. Va. Code 14-2A-4
      Costs for funding law enforcement training academies - see
         W. Va. Code 30-29-4
      Search warrant - see W. Va. Code 62-1A-1