Code of Ordinances
of the
Borough of Lewisberry
York County, Pennsylvania
Published by Authority of the Borough
Adopted by Ord. 2007-2, 12/17/2007
Revised and Supplemented through: Supplement VI; September, 2019
Published by:
American Legal Publishing Corporation
One West Fourth Street, Third Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio  45202
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The Borough of Lewisberry Code of Ordinances was adopted by the Borough of Lewisberry by Ord. 2007-2 and published by Keystate Publishers, Inc., on December 17, 2007. It has been subsequently revised and supplemented as follows:
Supplement I; September 8, 2009
Supplement II; December 6, 2010
Supplement III; December 5, 2011
Supplement IV; December 2, 2013
Supplement V; December 1, 2014
Supplement VI; September, 2019