§ 99.05  VEHICLES.
   It shall be unlawful for any person in a public park or recreation area to:
   (A)   Drive any vehicle on any area except the paved park roads or park areas, or those areas as may on occasion be specifically designated as temporary areas;
   (B)   Park a vehicle anywhere except in a designated area;
   (C)   Use any park areas, including parking places, for repairing any vehicle, except in an emergency;
   (D)   Operate, park or bring in a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle, or three-wheel cycle;
   (E)   Ride or drive a vehicle at a rate of speed exceeding 15 mph unless the designated road is posted for a higher rate of speed; and
   (F)   Operate a motor vehicle, snowmobile, sled, bicycle, toboggan or any other vehicle on any ice rink except those vehicles authorized for use by the city for purposes of maintaining the rinks.
(Ord. 420, passed 3-9-1992)  Penalty, see § 99.99