Any person desiring to organize, direct or lead a parade or demonstration upon or in any street, sidewalk, commonage or public place within the city may file with the City Clerk an application (original and seven copies) for a parade or demonstration permit, and in the application shall be set forth:
   (A)   The date, hour and place for assembly of the participants in the parade or demonstration and the expected duration thereof;
   (B)   The streets, sidewalks, commonages and public places over and upon which the parade or demonstration is to take place;
   (C)   Whether the parade or demonstration is to be conducted on foot or with animals or vehicles, or any combination thereof, and the number of persons, vehicles and animals expected to participate;
   (D)   The purpose of the parade or demonstration;
   (E)   The names and addresses of the actual sponsors of the parade or demonstration, and the organization or organizations, if any, of which the expected participants are members;
   (F)   The name and address of the person who shall be in charge of the parade or demonstration and who shall be responsible for the conduct thereof and for compliance with all applicable provisions of law, this code and other ordinances by participants in the parade or demonstration; and
   (G)   Any other information as the City Council may require.
(1973 Code, § 10-4)