Any ordinance amending this code shall set forth the title, chapter and section number of the section or sections to be amended, and this shall constitute sufficient compliance with any statutory requirement pertaining to the amendment or revision by ordinance of any part of this code. (1989 Code)
Upon the adoption of any amendment or addition to this code, or upon the repeal of any of its provisions, the city clerk shall certify thereto and shall make appropriate notation in the official volumes of this code of the taking of such action, noting thereon the number and date of the ordinance pursuant to which such action is taken.
Duly certified copies of each ordinance making changes in this code shall be filed in the office of the city clerk in books for such purpose, duly indexed for ready reference.
At least quarterly, the city clerk shall cause the looseleaf pages of this code in which changes have been made to be reproduced, including the notation as to the ordinance number and date pursuant to which such change is adopted, and distributed in order that the looseleaf copies of this code prepared for the use and convenience of the officers and employees of the city and the general public may be brought up to date. (1975 Code §0-1.08)