1-1-1: TITLE:
This code shall be known as the LEMOORE MUNICIPAL CODE. It shall be sufficient to refer to this code as the Lemoore municipal code in any prosecution for the violation of any provision hereof. It shall also be sufficient to designate any ordinance adding to, amending or repealing this code, or portions thereof, as an amendment to or a repeal of the Lemoore municipal code, or a portion thereof. (1975 Code §0-1.01)
Except as otherwise herein or hereafter provided, this code consists of all the regulatory, penal and administrative laws of general application of the city, codified pursuant to the authority contained in article 2 of chapter 1 of part 1 of division 1 of title 5 of the Government Code of the state of California. (1975 Code §0-1.02)
This code shall take effect upon the effective date of the ordinance adopting this code by reference. (1975 Code §0-1.03)