The Mayor may appoint a purchasing agent whose duties shall be defined by the Mayor with the input of the City Administrator and the Finance Director. If a purchasing agent is not appointed, the department head acts as the purchasing agent for an individual department. The duties may include:
   A.   Coordinating proposals contemplated by this chapter;
   B.   Negotiating, recommending, and administering contracts;
   C.   Advising departments regarding various aspects of the requirements of this chapter and any other applicable law or policy;
   D.   Maintaining lists and records of prospective applicants;
   E.   Recommending and maintaining approved policies governing matters contemplated by this chapter;
   F.   Developing and maintaining forms to facilitate efficient processes contemplated by this chapter;
   G.   Establishing criteria for prequalifying applicants for particular procurements; and
   H.   Hiring support staff to provide adequate resources to accomplish the purposes of this chapter. (Ord. 30-2018, 5-8-2018)