A.   Caskets Or Coffins: No more than one body may be buried in any one space, or two (2) infants, or a maximum of four (4) cremains in any one space, upon approval of the parks manager or his/her designee. Vertical stacking of caskets, vaults, coffins or urns is not allowed. All bodies, remains or other items buried with the body must be in a casket, coffin or urn. All caskets and coffins must be enclosed in a city approved concrete vault. Urns and cremains may be placed in a sealed nonbiodegradable container. The casket, coffin or urn shall contain only the body or remains of the deceased, clothing and jewelry, and other small personal items that fit therein.
   B.   Excavating Spaces: Authorized city personnel shall be responsible for the excavation of gravesites. The parks manager or his/her designee may allow a third party to excavate a gravesite. Authorization must be provided in writing.
   C.   Application: The city shall not open a space for interment, provide interment services or disinterment services until the city has received a completed application form for interment or disinterment, signed by a relative of the deceased, ecclesiastical leader or licensed funeral director representing the deceased, together with the fee as provided herein.
   D.   Proof Of Ownership: If the deceased is the sole owner of the space, the city shall verify the identity of the deceased prior to interment. If the space is owned by someone other than the deceased, written permission in a form acceptable to the city from the owner of the certificate shall be required prior to any interment.
   E.   Payment Of Fees: The fee to open and close a gravesite, as set forth on the fee schedule, shall be paid prior to any interment or disinterment. Mortuaries that collect opening and closing gravesite fees will be billed on a monthly basis.
   F.   Additional Fees And Charges: Fees and costs in addition to those set forth in the fee schedule may be charged for special circumstances requiring additional city staff, equipment or resources. Such additional charges shall be paid in full prior to any interment or disinterment.
   G.   Closing Of Gravesites: City personnel shall close any open gravesite promptly after the casket or coffin is placed in the vault.
   H.   Disinterment Services: The city shall provide disinterment services only for persons buried in a nonbiodegradable vault and in accordance with applicable statutes, rules and regulations. (Ord. 13-2016, 2-9-2016; amd. Ord. 55-2021, 9-28-2021)