A.   Rights Of Ownership: In accordance with Utah Code Annotated section 8-5-7, the city shall sell only the right to be interred in the city cemetery. The purchase of interment rights in any lot or space as evidenced by a certificate of interment rights shall provide only the right to be interred in the cemetery, and is not a deed to convey title to real property.
   B.   Purchase Of Spaces: Residents must provide evidence in a form acceptable to the city that they are a resident of Lehi City. Residents and nonresidents may purchase spaces in the cemetery for the current prices listed and as adopted by the Lehi City council on the fee schedule. The purchaser may purchase spaces of one to a maximum of eight (8). The purchase price for each space includes perpetual care with no maintenance fee to be assessed, and must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. There are no sale agreements or payment arrangements. All spaces purchased for the resident rate shall be clearly marked on the certificate to indicate that the owner paid the resident pricing for the space. Absolutely no cemetery space will be held or reserved. Spaces can be traded for other spaces, but the owner will be required to pay the difference between the original cemetery space and the current published cemetery space price. Purchaser is to list two (2) persons as beneficiary recipients of their said spaces in the event that the purchaser is deceased and has remaining spaces left.
   C.   Certificate Of Ownership: Owners of each space shall be issued a certificate of interment rights which describes the location of the space within the cemetery. The city shall retain a duplicate record of all certificates of interment rights issued. City records shall be the official record of ownership for all spaces. The certificate of interment rights shall include a statement that uses of the space are subject to these rules.
   D.   Transfer Of Space: A certificate of interment rights for an unoccupied space may be transferred by the owner of the space by: 1) presenting the original deed or certificate; 2) completing a space transfer form; 3) paying the certificate fee for each new certificate that is required by virtue of the transfer; and 4) either appearing in person and producing photo identification proving owner identity, or have the owner's signature on the space transfer form notarized by a licensed notary. The transfer of certificates of interment rights owned by deceased persons may be completed in accordance with the Utah uniform probate code. If a deed or certificate cannot be located by an individual or a family for presentation, the parks manager or his/her designee may, with the authorization of the city administrator, make such arrangements for transfer and/or burial as are equitable and appropriate considering all the circumstances. If spaces are purchased at the resident rate and are transferred to a nonresident who is not the space owner's spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandchild or great-grandchild, prior to a new certificate being issued, the transferee must pay the difference between residential rate and nonresidential rate at the time of transfer, and pay the certificate fee charge. For every space transferred, a new certificate of interment rights shall be issued and the old certificate shall be null and void and remitted with the transfer forms and requests.
   E.   Duplicate Certificates Of Interment Rights: Duplicate certificates of interment rights may be issued upon written request of owner and payment of the certificate fee. Duplicate certificates of interment rights shall be clearly marked with the words "duplicate certificate".
   F.   Abandonment And Forfeiture Of Space: The city council may terminate the rights of owners of spaces in accordance with Utah Code Annotated section 8-5-1 et seq. (Ord. 13-2016, 2-9-2016)