BODY: The remains of one human body (cremated or otherwise) or the remains of a mother and such mother's infant child.
CEMETERY: The real property owned by Lehi City, used and reserved for interment of the dead.
CERTIFICATE FEE: The fee charged by the city for issuing a duplicate certificate or by transferring certificate or transferring interment rights, adding names or documents to the certificate records, as set forth therein.
CITY: Lehi City Corporation.
DISINTERMENT: The opening or excavation of an existing space.
FEE SCHEDULE: The current Lehi City fee schedule as adopted and amended by the Lehi City council.
INFANT: A fetus or a child up to two (2) years of age.
INTERMENT OR INTER: The burial of a body or cremains into a space.
LOT: An area containing eight (8) spaces.
NONRESIDENT: Any person who is not a resident of Lehi City.
RESIDENT: Any person who is a legal resident of Lehi City.
SPACE: A legal and authorized gravesite generally measuring five feet by ten feet (5' x 10') and intended for interment.
TRANSFER: To sell, donate, exchange, trade or convey a space. (Ord. 13-2016, 2-9-2016)