A.   In order to ensure that all necessary departments are aware of the event, all special event applications are reviewed by the emergency management committee. The committee will review the application and make necessary comments and provide an estimate of costs associated with additional city services, if necessary. A permit shall not be issued until the committee has given its approval. During the review of the application, the following will be considered:
      1.   The impact of the special event on the traffic, security, health and safety of the public;
      2.   A determination by the committee of appropriate and reasonable requirements for the mitigation of traffic, security, health and safety concerns, and an evaluation of the measures proposed by the applicant to satisfy those requirements;
      3.   The demonstrated ability of the applicant to comply with requirements necessary to protect the safety, health and welfare of the public;
      4.   The location and duration of the special event and the city ability to accommodate the event with the necessary resources; and
      5.   Other previously approved special events that could cause scheduling conflicts during the same period and cause overextension of the city resources or unsafe congestion on city property.
   B.   If the committee makes a determination that the event is not a "special event", as defined in section 4-6-1 of this chapter, no permit is necessary and therefor no permit will be issued.
   C.   If the committee determines that the event requires the provisions of additional city services, all provisions of this chapter shall apply, including section 4-6-5, "Security Deposit", of this chapter. (Ord. 23-2014, 6-10-2014)