A.   Permit Required: All special events, as defined in section 4-6-1 of this chapter, require an application and must receive a permit from the city. Permits shall not be issued until all appropriate fees, including the estimated costs of additional city services, are paid.
   B.   Application; Fee: All applications for permits shall be made in writing to the special event coordinator, and the application fee shall be paid to the special event coordinator at the time of application submission.
   C.   Information Required: All applications made for a special event permit shall require the following information:
      1.   Type and description of event;
      2.   Name of the sponsoring entity, contact person, address, telephone number and e-mail address;
      3.   Proposed date, together with beginning and ending times;
      4.   Proposed location, including barricade plan and route map;
      5.   Estimated number of event staff and attendees;
      6.   Admission fee, donation or other consideration to be charged or requested;
      7.   Temporary Utah sales tax number, if applicable;
      8.   Signature of applicant.
   D.   Temporary Sales Tax License: Special events that will be selling any taxable item, such as food or memorabilia, will be required to obtain a temporary sales tax license from the Utah state tax commission, special events unit.
   E.   Issuance; Signature; Attestation: All permits shall be issued by the city recorder and signed by the mayor and city recorder, and attested under the seal of the city.
   F.   Denial; Advertising Costs Not Reimbursed: If an application is denied, any advertising costs spent prior to denial will not be reimbursed by the city. (Ord. 23-2014, 6-10-2014)