A.   False Statements: No solicitor shall intentionally make any materially false or fraudulent statement in the course of soliciting.
   B.   Disclosure To Consumer: A solicitor shall immediately disclose to the consumer during face to face solicitation: 1) the name of the solicitor; 2) the name and address of the entity with whom the solicitor is associated; and 3) the purpose of the solicitor's contact with the person and/or competent individual. This requirement may be satisfied through the use of the badge and an informational flier containing the information above, as well as a notice that the city does not expressly or impliedly endorse the registered solicitor, nor the goods or services offered by the solicitor.
   C.   Fictitious Name: No solicitor shall use a fictitious name, an alias or any name other than his or her true and correct name.
   D.   Implication Of City Endorsement: No solicitor shall represent directly or by implication that the granting of a certificate of registration implies any endorsement by the city of the solicitor's goods or services or of the individual solicitor. (Ord. 18-2013, 3-26-2013)