The Licensing Officer shall review the completed application submitted by the applicant and issue a certificate in accordance with the following:
   A.   Annual Certificate: Within one business day of the submission of a completed application, the City shall:
      1.   Take any and all actions it deems appropriate to verify the truthfulness and completeness of the information submitted by the applicant, including, but not limited to, those disclosed with the application form.
      2.   Issue written notice to the applicant or entity, if any, that the applicant either:
         a.   Will be issued an annual certificate, eligible for renewal one year from the date of issuance; or
         b.   Will not be issued an annual certificate for reasons cited in section 4-4-14 of this chapter.
   If the applicant lists a responsible person or entity on the submitted application, the applicant must also sign a release at the time he or she submits the application to the city, allowing the city to disclose the foregoing information to the responsible person or entity.
   B.   Renewal Certificate: An annual certificate shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance, and shall expire at twelve o'clock (12:00) midnight on the anniversary date of issuance as indicated on the applicable certificate. Any annual certificate that is not suspended, revoked or expired may be renewed upon the request of the registered solicitor and the submission of a new completed application and payment of the fee, unless a disqualifying status, or any of the conditions for the denial, suspension or revocation of a certificate are then applicable as set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 18-2013, 3-26-2013)