The application form shall be accompanied by written disclosures notifying the applicant of the following:
   A.   The applicant's submission of the application authorizes the City to verify information submitted with the completed application, including:
      1.   The applicant's address;
      2.   The applicant's and/or responsible person's or entity's State tax identification and special use tax numbers, if any;
      3.   The validity of the applicant's proof of identity;
      4.   Any other representation made by the applicant in submitting an application.
   B.   The City may consult any available sources for information on the applicant, including, but not limited to, databases for any outstanding warrants, protective orders or civil judgments.
   C.   Establishing proof of identity is required before registration is allowed.
   D.   Identification of the fee amount that must be submitted by applicant with a completed application.
   E.   The applicant must submit a BCI background check (or equivalent background check from the applicant's home state if the applicant is not a Utah resident), as set forth in this chapter, with a completed application.
   F.   To the extent permitted by State and/or Federal law, the applicant's BCI background check shall remain a confidential, protected, private record not available for public inspection.
   G.   The City will maintain copies of the applicant's application form, proof of identity, and identification badge for a time period required by applicable law. If no such time period is specified by applicable law, the City will maintain such documentation for a reasonable and customary period of time. These copies will become public records available for inspection on demand at the City offices whether or not a certificate is denied, granted or renewed.
   H.   The criteria for disqualifying status, denial or suspension of a certificate under the provisions of this chapter.
   I.   That a request for a certificate will be granted or denied within one business day after a completed application is submitted. (Ord. 18-2013, 3-26-2013)