4-4-1: PURPOSE:
   A.   Residents of Lehi City have an inalienable interest in their personal safety, well being and privacy in their residences, as well as their ability to provide or receive information regarding matters of personal belief, political or charitable activities, and goods and services lawfully in commerce. The city has a substantial interest in protecting the well being, tranquility, personal safety and privacy of its citizens, which includes the ability to protect citizens from unwanted intrusions upon residential property. The city also has a substantial interest in protecting citizens from fraud or otherwise unfair consumer sales practices, as well as criminal activity.
   B.   There must be a balance between these substantial interests of the city and its citizens, and the effect of the regulations in this chapter on the rights of those who are regulated. Based on the collective experiences of city officials derived from regulating business activity, protecting persons and property from criminal conduct, responding to the inquiries of citizens regarding door to door solicitation, the experience of its law enforcement officers and those affected by door to door solicitation and canvassing, as well as judicial decisions outlining the boundaries of constitutional protections afforded and denied persons seeking to engage in door to door solicitation, the city adopts this chapter to promote the city's substantial interests in: respecting citizens' decisions regarding privacy in their residences; protecting persons from criminal conduct; providing equal opportunity to advocate for and against religious belief, political position or charitable activities; and permitting truthful and nonmisleading door to door solicitation regarding lawful goods or services in intrastate or interstate commerce.
   C.   The city finds that the procedures, rules and regulations set forth in this chapter are narrowly tailored to preserve and protect the city interests referred to herein while, at the same time, balancing the rights of those regulated. (Ord. 18-2013, 3-26-2013)