No person in charge or control of any property within the town, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee or otherwise, shall allow any partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, junked or discarded vehicle to remain on such property longer than 48 hours; and no person shall leave any such vehicle on any property within the town for a longer time than 48 hours; except that, this section shall not apply with respect to a vehicle in an enclosed building, nor with respect to a vehicle situate upon property which is operated as an automobile sales or service business when necessary or appropriate to the operation of such business; nor to a vehicle situate in a duly licensed junk yard; nor to a vehicle stored in a depository maintained for such purpose by the town.
(1982 Code, Title III, Ch. 8, § 5)  (Ord. passed 6-2-1969)  Penalty, see § 90.99