(A)   Where formal bidding is employed by reason of the probable amount of the expenditure, the bids shall be opened and tabulated by the City Manager or his or her designee at the time and place specified in the advertisement for bids. Such an investigation of the responsibility of the bidders shall be made as the City Manager may deem necessary, and the department director shall then award the contract to the lowest and best responsible bidder, unless the City Manager has determined that the interest of the city would be better served by rejecting all bids and ordering a new advertisement, in which case he or she may so order. Should the lowest and best bid price be greater than 110% of the engineer's estimate for the protect, the City Manager has the authority to reject all bids. In order to determine the lowest and best bid, the following criteria, although not exclusive and not to be given any specific weight, shall be specifically examined and evaluated:
      (1)   Current financial stability of the bidder,
      (2)   Available work force of the bidder,
      (3)   Available equipment of the bidder,
      (4)   Bidder's conduct and performance on previous contracts,
      (5)   Bidder's experience and management skills on projects of similar scope and complexity,
      (6)   Bidders ability to execute the contract work properly and on schedule,
      (7)   Number of change orders submitted by the bidder on previous contracts,
      (8)   Number of OSHA violations issued over the last five years,
      (9)   Number of OSHA investigations over the last five years.
   (B)   Upon the determination of the lowest and best bid, the department head or his designee shall forward a staff summery sheet in a form to be prescribed by the City Manager, to the City Manager, which summary sheet shall include the account numbers to be charged on the requisition and a recommendation for supplemental appropriation if applicable, and a copy of the bid proposal page from the vendor being awarded the bid. This information will be assigned to the next work session of Council for legislative consideration. Once Council has authorized the purchase by ordinance approval, the department director or assignee shall enter the requisition for the bid based on the effective date or language included on the ordinance.
   (C)   By signing the purchase order, the City Auditor ensures the certification and availability of funds for the project. The agreement used for the bid purchase shall include on the signature page an “approved as the form by the City Attorney” area for signature.
(Ord. 9626, passed 11-27-07; Am. Ord. 2015-006, passed 1-27-15)