(A)   A complete survey shall be made by a registered surveyor.
   (B)   The traverse of the exterior boundaries of the tract and of each block, when computed from field measurements of the ground, shall close within a limit of error of one foot to 10,000 feet of the perimeter before balancing the survey.
   (C)   Permanent reference monuments shall be installed in accordance with the  current edition of the Land Development Design and Construction Standards Manual on file in the office of the City Engineer.
   (D)   Iron pin monuments, half-inch minimum in diameter and 30 inches long, shall be placed by the surveyor at all points on boundary lines where there is a change of direction, and at all lot corners.  Iron pin monuments must be shown on the final plat.
(Am. Ord. 6206, passed 4-26-88; Am. Ord. 8147, passed 4-10-01; Am. Ord. 9364, passed 7-25-06)