(A)   The principal documents which a subdivider must furnish in connection with development of any subdivision are:
      (1)   Preliminary plat with application for utility service.
      (2)   Improvement/construction plans.
      (3)   Final Plat.
      (4)   Public improvement bond and/or maintenance guarantee bond in accordance with the current edition of the Land Development Design and Construction  Standards Manual on file in the office of City Engineer.
      (5)   Deed for land reserved for recreational purposes or equivalent cash contribution.
   (B)   The above listed documents shall be filed with the City Engineer.  Plans and plats shall be filed not less than twenty working days prior to the meeting of the Planning Commission at which they are to be considered.
(Am. Ord. 6206, passed 4-26-88; Am. Ord. 7811, passed 5-9-00; Am. Ord. 9364, passed 7-25-06)