The Division of Water and Wastewater shall be under the direction of the Director of Water and Wastewater Operations, who shall be accountable to the Deputy City Manager. The Division shall perform the following functions:
   (A)   Operate, maintain and repair the water treatment plant and lands, including the wells, well field, aerator, filters, clear well, and all facilities connected with water supply and treatment.
   (B)   Maintain, operate and repair the water distribution system of the city including all distribution lines, customer meters, standpipes, fire hydrants, distribution pumping systems, the water maintenance building and storage building, and all other appurtenances of the distribution system.
   (C)   Maintain accurate records of all operations, including quantities of water used by consumers.
   (D)   When directed by the City Manager or Deputy City Manager, furnish, operate and maintain for all municipal buildings and installations the necessary pipe, fixtures and services pertaining to water and sewerage.
   (E)   Make available to the Department of Finance, the information necessary to render invoices to customers for water used and for sewer services.
   (F)   Operate, maintain and repair the sewage treatment plant and lands, and all facilities thereto appertaining.
   (G)   Maintain accurate records of all operations, including quantities of wastewater effluent pumped and quantities of sewage treated.
   (H)   Operate, maintain and repair the sewage collection system of the city, including the sewers, manholes and all appurtenances to such system.
   (I)   Prepare and submit all reports required by law.
   (J)   Perform such other duties as the Deputy City Manager or the City Manager may require.
(Ord. 5207, passed 4-22-80; Am. Ord. 6139, passed 11-24-87; Am. Ord. 8755, passed 6-10-03)