The Division of Electric shall be under the direction of the Director of Electric Operations, who shall be accountable to the Deputy City Manager. The Division shall perform the following functions:
   (A)   Operate, maintain and repair the municipal electrical system of the city, including buildings used by the Division of Electric, generating equipment, distribution lines, meters and all equipment pertaining to the performance of its function; produce and distribute electricity to all consumers.
   (B)   Furnish, maintain and operate a street lighting system and, for all municipal buildings and installations, the necessary lighting and electrical wiring.
   (C)   Maintain accurate records of all operations and of the quantity and kind of electricity sold to consumers. Make available to the Department of Finance the information necessary to render invoices to customers for electrical consumption.
   (D)   Coordinate and manage electrical infrastructure improvements and expansions.
   (E)   Prepare and submit all reports required by law.
   (F)   Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Deputy City Manager or by the City Manager.
(Ord. 7431, passed 8-26-97; Am. Ord. 8755, passed 6-10-03)