(A)   For emergency medical calls where no emergency exists, as defined above and where members of the Fire Division respond to the scene a charge of $100 will be assessed.
   (B)   The emergency medical service rates will be charged for each incident:
      (1)   Basic Life Support (Basic Emergency Medical Technician providing care and treatment)   $550.
      (2)   Advanced Life Support Level 1 (Paramedic providing care and treatment)   $750.
      (3)   Advanced Life Support Level 2 (Paramedic providing care and treatment requiring the use of multiple medicines)   $850.
      (4)   Loaded mile charge (for transport to a hospital in an ambulance)   $14 per mile.
   (C)   Fees collected for the provision of emergency medical services, shall be deposited in the city's Fire and Life Squad Fund.
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