§ 917.03  CONTAINERS.
   (A)   General.
      (1)   It shall be the duty of every person occupying premises for any purpose from which the creation or accumulation of solid waste results, to provide or cause to be provided portable vessels or containers sufficient to contain such solid waste. It shall be the duty of each user of solid waste collection service to keep all containers clean and in a sanitary condition.
      (2)   If any of the containers mentioned in this section fail an inspection they shall be condemned by the Director of Service. Grounds for condemnation shall be that such container is unfit, unsafe, unsightly, uncovered, unsanitary or otherwise does not meet the requirements as set forth in this chapter. Containers which have been condemned will not be serviced by the city until corrective action has been taken by the user.
   (B)   Household solid waste containers.  All household solid waste containers shall be enclosed plastic or metal containers free from accumulated water.  All plastic bags placed in solid waste containers shall be securely bound at the top so as to remain watertight until collection.
   (C)   Commercial solid waste containers. Plastic bags or other types of disposable containers are acceptable as solid waste containers. If a container of the type commonly sold as a garbage can is used, it shall be made of metal or other suitable material, shall have two lifting handles upon the sides of the can, shall have a tight-fitting cover, shall be watertight and of a capacity of not less than ten gallons and not to exceed 30 gallons. When garbage, as defined in this chapter, is included in the solid waste, the container must be watertight.
   (D)   Other containers. Rubbish containers shall be similar to garbage containers described above and of such size as may be easily handled by one person and of a construction substantial enough to not be broken in handling.
   (E)   Weight limit.  No containers, except for bulk waste containers, may exceed 75 pounds. Containers, or objects in excess of this weight shall require a special pickup.
(Am. Ord. 2089, passed 3-9-76; Am. Ord. 9741, passed 8-12-08; Am. Ord. 2010-093, passed 9-14-10)  Penalty, see § 917.99