The Division of Fire shall consist of an organized group of career, part-time and volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians operating within three Bureaus:  Bureau of Fire Prevention, Bureau of Fire Suppression and the Emergency Medical Services Bureau. The Division of Fire shall provide the following services to the city:
   (A)   Be responsible for the prevention of fire through the presentation of public education programs, act as an information referral service for the members of the community concerning fire safety and recommend legislation for the adoption and maintenance of the Lebanon Fire Code. The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for fire code compliance inspections.
   (B)   Be responsible for the control and extinguishment of fires within the city and within other areas in accordance with  any agreements which the city may now have or may enter into, and for the protection of lives and property endangered by fire.
   (C)   Be responsible for the operation of the Emergency Medical Services Bureau equipment and provide the services normally associated with emergency medical care.
   (D)   Be responsible for operation of rescue and extrication equipment and perform the services normally incidental to the use of this equipment.
   (E)   Be responsible for response and on-scene coordination for all hazardous materials incidents occurring within the city limits.
(Am. Ord. 5442, passed 1-11-83; Am. Ord. 6497, passed 5-22-90)