(A)   Applicable.
      (1)   Available to consumers where the city's standard outdoor lighting unit can be installed on utility's existing pole, and without requiring any extension or addition to utility's existing secondary or primary distribution facilities.
      (2)   Where additional facilities are required, the consumer shall pay in advance the total installation cost for the additional distribution facilities (poles, wires, and appurtenances) as required.  In all cases, the lighting fixture, including lamp, will be installed, owned, operated, and maintained by the city.  This service is available only where there is assurance that the service to be furnished will be permanent.  The city reserves the right to refuse to furnish such service when, in the city's opinion, the installation will not be permanent in nature.  This service is not meant to replace the requirement of the property owner to provide standard parking lot and building area lighting as required by the city's zoning code.  Lighting of this nature shall be installed, owned, and maintained by the property owner.
      (3)   The City Manager may refuse or curtail service when in his or her judgment an installation will be objectionable to neighboring property owners.
   (B)   Character of service.  This rate is available for all-night outdoor security lighting service for lighting of driveways and other outdoor areas on private property by aerial construction only, where such service can be supplied by the installation of lighting fixtures on existing city poles and supplied directly from existing secondary circuits on such poles, except as provided herein.
   (C)   Rate.
      (1)   For each lamp with luminaries and, where needed, an upsweep arm not over six feet in length, controlled automatically, where service is supplied from an existing pole and secondary facilities of the city.
         (a)   Up to a 200 watt fixture: $7.00 per month per fixture.
         (b)   Over a 200 watt fixture: $10.00 per month per fixture.
   (D)   Service charge for delayed payment.  A penalty of 5% shall be added to all bills for which payment has not been received in the City Building by 5:00 p.m. on the due date printed on the bill.
   (E)   Terms of contract.  For a fixed term of not less than two years, and for such time thereafter until terminated by either party giving 30 days written notice to the other.
   (F)   Terms and conditions.
      (1)   All facilities shall be owned by the city.
      (2)   The city will maintain the equipment and replace burned out lamps.  All service and necessary maintenance will be performed only during the regular scheduled working hours of the city. The city does not guarantee continuous lighting and shall not be liable to the customer or anyone else for any damage, loss or injury resulting from any interruption in such lighting due to any cause. The city shall be allowed three business days after notification by the customer to replace all burned out lamps.
      (3)   All electric service of the city is rendered and subject to the general service rules and regulations of the city as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 5095, passed 6-26-79; Am. Ord. 5235, passed 7-22-80; Am. Ord. 5705, passed 7-23-85; Am. Ord. 2012-109, passed 12-11-12)